BA Honours Musical Theatre with Creative Enterprise

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The BA Honours Musical Theatre with Creative Enterprise course at New College Lanarkshire, in collaboration with Queen Margaret University is aimed at students with excellent singing, acting and dance skills who are seeking to become professional performers in theatre, film and television. All our expert teaching staff retain close links with the industry and will provide you with the necessary training to develop the skills and versatility required to meet the vocal, physical and artistic demands required of a modern working performer. 

This additional honours year aims to bridge the gap between degree and your chosen professional context while further developing the skills required to develop a sustainable arts practice and portfolio career. Students will be presented with the opportunity to use their practical and intellectual performance skills in a range of applied theatre contexts while developing the skills required to originate and develop new work.


To be considered for this course, applicants must have successfully completed an HND (for year 1 - BA Musical Theatre) in a relevant subject or a BA Musical Theatre degree (or relevant subject) for direct entry into the honours year (Year 2)


Artistic Development

The Artistic Development module seeks to engage you in advanced professional enquiry, professional development planning and active self reflection. In this module you will be exposed to a range of alternative theatre practitioners and their individual arts practice through a series of artist-led workshops and practical case studies, designed to develop a culture of curiosity, inquiry and creativity.  You will explore how theatre is created in the community, its many forms and the relevance of applied performance in a variety of social contexts. 

Creative & Cultural Collaborations

The Creative and Cultural Collaborations module is designed to enable you to exercise your existing principal performance skills in the development of a devised work, engaging in the dual role of both performer and creative. In the early stages of this module you will engage with an intensive project designed to explore the fundamental techniques and methodologies associated with devising and concept development in the context of applied theatre. Following this intensive period of practical activity you will be required to develop and design a practical performance project based on your experiences, reflections and planned aspirations, contextualised in a chosen form.

Creative Enterprise

The Creative Enterprise module engages you in learning experiences and activities designed to develop a range of business skills relating to the creative industries. Module content includes a series of interdependent seminars and lectures exploring funding, government support and social enterprise. Practical workshops that enable you to develop the skills associated with building a company, developing partnerships, and strategic business management will also feature. This module will culminate in the development of a robust and detailed business plan, capturing all learning to date, and in consideration of the creative output generated in module Creative Initiative which runs simultaneously. 

Creative Initiative

Creative Initiative presents a series of learning opportunities that seek to enable you to develop a solo or collaborative performance project as a performer and creative in the context of a new work festival. At the commencement of this module you will be provided with the opportunity to choose a focus for your learning designed to identify your creative interests and the resulting output. It is expected that you will take a dual role in the development of an individual/ group work and/or the development of the festival as reflected in the negotiated learning outcome focussed on performing, directing, choreography, musical direction and producing.