Electronic Music Production

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This highly practical course is an intensive, one-year course designed for the modern independent music producer and composer who want to explore the world of Electronic Music Production. Using industry standard software such as Ableton and Pro Tools, the course will enable you to understand music production software from the beginning, explained with easy-to-follow instructions, tutorials, tips and tricks, and practical examples. The developed practice activities will guide you to create a song step by step to the final mix ready for that all important release.

In addition to developing your creative electronic music skills, you'll also be introduced to other key concepts such as branding your work, social media marketing, streaming sales, distribution and Live DJ/visual performance.


One of the following:

  • Three National 4 awards (or equivalent) OR
  • Successful completion of a relevant access course or an appropriate group of National Qualification units OR
  • Applicants who do not meet the above, but have relevant experience or alternative qualifications, will also be considered

You should have a basic understanding of English, Maths and ICT

All applicants will be required to undertake an interview 


Using our dedicated studios and lab spaces with pre-installed software such as Ableton and Pro Tools, students will develop a wide range of skills and gain hands-on experience to either use more effectively their own home studio as well as operating within a professional recording studio environment. Students will compose and construct original compositions and remix using leading 'soft synths' as those used in current, commercial releases.

Students will learn the fundamentals of electronic music production and how to effectively use the unique tools within music production software to help create, remix and master compositions including: -

• Drum Programming
• Arpeggiation
• Transition Effects – Rises, Builds, Breakdown
• Synthesis
• Modern Sampling Techniques
• Use of MIDI

To assist in electronic compositions, various music theory elements will be introduced to help understand how music is composed and structured. Such elements will include: -

• Elements of a Song – Foundation, Rhythm, Leads, Fills, and Pads
• Chordal Accompaniment
• Bass, Melody and Harmony
• Arrangement Strategies – Builds, Drops, Breakdowns
• Lead Lines – Writing that all important Hook
• Improvisation

To assist in releasing and promoting original compositions, elements of music business and career planning will be covered. These career-focused tutorials will guide students through the core skills required to navigate the particular industry they choose to pursue a career in either it be DJ'ing, Film, Television, Game Composing or Music Producing. Subjects include legal aspects of the music business, marketing and promotion, distribution, understanding social media, and website creation.