Meet the board

Role of the board

The role of The Lanarkshire Board is to secure the coherent provision of a high quality of fundable further and higher education in Lanarkshire. The Board’s functions include:

  • Allocating funding to New College Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire College
  • Administration of Funds
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Promotion and Sharing of Good Practice
  • Improvement of Economic and Social Wellbeing
  • Good Governance and Compliance
  • Appointment of Regional Board Members (with approval from Scottish Ministers)
  • Appointment of Board Members of Assigned College(s)

As the Board of Management of New College Lanarkshire, The Lanarkshire Board is also the formal employer of all New College Lanarkshire staff. As a member of the Board, you will play a key role in the strategic direction of the College and ensuring robust governance arrangements are in place. You will be required to exercise independent judgement and to ensure that as a member of the Board you act in the best interests of the Colleges.

As The Lanarkshire Board is a recipient of and accountable for significant public funds, all Board Members will also be expected to act within the spirit of the Nine Principles of Public Life, namely Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness, Honesty, Leadership, Public Interest and Respect.

In line with the College Sector Board Appointments: Ministerial Guidance 2014, Board members will serve for term of office of up to four years, which may be extended for a further period of four years with the agreement of the Chair of the Regional Board and Scottish Ministers.


Board Membership


Ronnie Smith - Chair of The Lanarkshire Board

Christopher 1jpeg.jpg

Professor Christopher M Moore - Principal and Chief Executive, New College Lanarkshire

Lanarkshire Board Logo.png

Stella McManus - Principal and Chief Executive, South Lanarkshire College


Keith Fulton - Vice Chair and Senior Independent Member, Lanarkshire Board


David Winning - Non Executive Member


Ryan MacRobert Non Executive Member


Fraser Heaney - Staff Member, New College Lanarkshire


Anne Doherty - Support Member South Lanarkshire College


Rahela Calin - South Lanarkshire College Student President


Moira Jarvie - Staff Member, New College Lanarkshire


Paula Blackadder - Non Executive Member


Dianne Dixon - Non Executive Member


John Elliot - Non Executive Member

FINLAYSON, Yvonne.jpg

Yvonne Finlayson - Non Executive Member

Lanarkshire Board Logo.png

Paul Hutchinson - Chair, South Lanarkshire College


Barbara Philliben - Non Executive Member


Alastair Rennie - Non Executive Member


Tarryn Robertson, Teaching Staff Member South Lanarkshire College


Kenny Anderson, Non Executive Member

Kellyann McGraith Student Association.jpg

Kellyann McGraith - NCL Student President of Resource and Wellbeing


Diane McGill - Board Secretary

Register of Interests.

Although not members of the Board of Management, relevant senior staff of New College Lanarkshire and of South Lanarkshire College are also invited to attend Board meetings.

View and download all Register of Interests