Film and TV


What links Outlander, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Peaky Blinders and Avengers: Infinity War?

They are all just some of the Film & TV productions which have been made in the UK in recent years.

The sector is worth £4.6billion to the UK economy and supports almost 120,000 jobs. Scotland holds a unique position in how it supports the Film and TV industry. From stunning rural locations, to the BBC and STV in Glasgow, to the Outlander studio based in Cumbernauld, the Film & TV sector is one of the major growth sectors within the Creative Sector. 

At our Cumbernauld Campus we aim to teach you a wide skillset so that you become a confident, multi-skilled practitioner who is comfortable planning production, writing scripts, pitching ideas, operating cameras, setting up lights, capturing sound, editing video, directing teams and building websites.  

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