Learner Funding

The Scottish Government produces a document on Learner Funding which can be accessed here

This provides high level information on Funding for all levels of course and is a useful document to read before clicking on the links below to see how New College Lanarkshire translates this National Policy into our own Policies. 

If you have studied at another Scottish college or university in the past, you might find that Student Funding Policies vary a little between institutions but they all comply with the Scottish Government (Scottish Funding Council) requirements.

Always here to help!

When you receive your offer from the College, you will receive a link to apply for funding. As soon as you receive a link, it's important your complete this task as soon as possible. Not applying for funding in the early stages of your acceptance may mean a delay or refusal for funding and could affect your time at college.

Help is always available if you need it – send us a quick email to student.funding@nclan.ac.uk or call us on 0300 555 8080. One of our advisers will talk you through any problems or questions you may have and, if necessary, arrange an appointment to come and see them. You can also view our application guidance document here to help you through the process.  


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