HND Make-up Artistry: TV, Film and Theatre

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Unleash your creativity and transform your passion for make-up into a thrilling career with our HND in Make-up Artistry TV, Film, and Theatre course. Dive into the dynamic world of entertainment as you develop a variety of essential skills, gain in-depth knowledge, and acquire hands-on expertise in the art of make-up. This comprehensive program empowers you to confidently navigate the realms of TV, Film, and Theatre industries, opening doors to exciting opportunities. From mastering media make-up to creating mesmerising theatrical, character, and special effects looks, our HND equips you to shine as a freelance make-up artist, collaborate as an invaluable assistant, or contribute your talents to a dynamic make-up design team. Step into the spotlight and make your mark in the captivating universe of visual storytelling


Entry is at the discretion of the centre however examples of formal entry qualifications include:

  • HNC Fashion Makeup at level 7
  • National Certificate in Make-up Artistry at SCQF level 6
  • Occupationally relevant skills and experience

The course will cover the following:

  • Essential Make-up Skills
  • Make up artistry: Hairstyle Maintenance Skills
  • Make-Up Artistry: Ageing Skills
  • Make-Up Artistry: 20th Century Hairstyling and Make-Up
  • Make-Up Artistry: Special Effects
  • Make-up Artistry: Sculpting and Flat Mould Production
  • Make-Up Artistry: Production Studies for Theatre
  • Make-Up Artistry: Product Safety and Sustainability
  • Make-Up Artistry: Graded Unit1

Optional units in the course may include:

  • Make-up, Hairstyling and Costume for a Total Look
  • History of Hairstyling
  • History of Makeup

There will be ongoing assessments which will include practical tasks, written assessments and portfolio development