Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Business

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This course is about how to use business knowledge and technical skills to create and use AI tools in different work settings. AI is changing the way businesses work and opening up new possibilities every day. You will learn how AI is affecting different sectors and how to be ready for the real world challenges and opportunities.

AI can help businesses make sense of huge amounts of data and find out things that were hidden before. You will learn how to use AI to analyse data and discover new ways for business growth, like making customers happier and predicting what they want.

AI is a game-changing technology that is reshaping the business world. By studying AI, you will have the knowledge to succeed in the future where AI is everywhere.



At least 2 relevant qualifications at SCQF level 5 (e.g. National 5, Intermediate 2) or a group of relevant units at SCQF level 4/5 (intermediate 1/2).

Applicants should have English/Communication at SCQF level 5.


You will learn the following core units as well as undertaking key Business and Management skills:

·  Social Media Customer Service 

·  Website Creation Project

·  Data Science

·  Machine Learning

·  Building an AI chatbot