BA Social Sciences - Year 3

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Discover the next level of academic exploration as you enter the third year of our Social Sciences Degree programme. In collaboration with the University of the West of Scotland, NCL offer you the chance to study at this advanced stage, which promises a deep dive into specialised modules, hands-on experiences, and opportunities to shape the future of society.  
With a focus on social justice, power and inequalities, you’ll investigate how we shape society through policy and critical thinking, analysing and undertaking research to better understand the impact of action and decision-making in the private, public and third sectors. With enhancing your employability at the heart of the design of this programme, you will successfully graduate with key transferrable skills in critical research skills, information literacy, data-handling and analysis and communication.  

*This degree is subject to approval


To gain entry to this degree programme, you should have successfully achieved a qualification in HND Social Sciences or an equivalent subject.


You'll explore the underlying factors and possible resolutions to intricate societal challenges on both local and global scales, employing diverse theoretical perspectives and research methodologies. Opportunities to personalise your degree journey will enable you to delve deeply into specific social issues, including activism, migration, gender, nationalism, and international relations. Throughout your studies, you'll enhance your comprehension and practical skills in social sciences, evolving into a creative problem solver. This transformation is facilitated through engagement with state-of-the-art research, policy analysis, and evaluation processes. In this course you will be supported to strengthen the skills developed in your HNC and HND years.

The BA Social Sciences programme will provide students with a range of summative and assessment opportunities in a range of formats. This will include end of module examinations, essays, the creation of case studies, group/individual presentation and policy research/analysis. In addition these assessments will also enable you to showcase and develop other core and metaskills, including digital literacy, numeracy, focusing, initiative, collaborating and curiosity.