Cyber Security BEng (Hons)

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As the country’s security and prosperity rests on digital foundations it has never been more important to be protected from those who seek to exploit weaknesses and launch attacks. The course has been created to meet a growing need, as identified by the Scottish and UK Governments, for individuals who possess a skillset to meet the challenges posed by the constantly evolving computer systems.


Entry requirements for this course include:

A HND in: Networking (with programming units) or Cyber Security or Computing Science (with networking units) or Information Security (for SQA HNDs, all with Grade B in Graded Unit)


Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Cyber Security will teach you how to protect and secure modern data infrastructure. The course will allow you to develop industry relevant skills based on the ethical hacking framework, underpinned by a thorough understanding of both networking (CCNA) and programming theory.

Throughout your studies, you will study a wide range of topics including operating and computer systems security, wireless networks and their security, intrusion detection and prevention, and network security auditing and monitoring. The subject areas listed below will be studied in this particular course:

  • Research Methods in Computing
  • Professional Computing Practice
  • Cryptography
  • Digital Forensic Analysis
  • Systems Programming
  • Unix System Administration
  • CCNA: Cyber Ops