Spanish National 4

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Learning another language enables learners to make connections with different people and their cultures, and to play a fuller part as global citizens. The ability to use language lies at the centre of thinking and learning. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world with more than 400 million speakers.

This course offers learners opportunities to develop and extend a wide range of skills in Spanish.

In particular, this course aims to enable learners to develop the ability to:

? read, listen, talk and write in Spanish
? understand and use Spanish
? apply knowledge of Spanish
? plan, research and apply Spanish language skills

The course is taught over one evening a week all year. You will learn to read, write, listen and speak in Spanish at a lower-intermediate level. You will have access to a number of resources which will help you with your learning.


You should have a good command of English and ideally have studied it or a foreign language to National 4 or equivalent.


There are three mandatory units that are studied:

Understanding Language (Reading and Listening skills), Using Language (Talking and Writing skills) and Assignment (Investigation of a chosen topic in Spanish).