COVID Risk Assessment

Working safely during Covid-19

The measures set out in the document below are to enable the preparation of our campuses by key staff for the safe return of other staff, students and others to attend in order to prevent contracting and spreading the Covid19 virus.

The control measures selected are in accordance with current government and public health guidance and will be reviewed and revised at least weekly or sooner as required to meet any changes specified.

Consultation with Trade Union and Staff Representatives will take place and all staff and others required to prepare our campuses will receive all necessary information, instruction, training and supervision and controls as specified.

Download NCL's Organisational Risk Assessment.


Equality Impact Assessment 

August 2020

NCL Organisational Equality Impact Assessment provides details for our campus re-opening in September 2020, taking account of a blended model of delivery and our approach to the current COVID19 restrictions. It will be reviewed and updated as necessary to take account of evolving guidance and the emerging situation as we continue to respond to the present public health pandemic.

Download NCL Organisational Equality Impact Assessment - August 2020