BSc Collaborative Health and Social Care - Year 2

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Year two of our BSc Collaborative Health and Social Care degree is your passport to a fulfilling and impactful career in the health and social care sector. Join us and become part of a community dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of individuals and communities across Scotland. 

By providing a progression pathway from registerable HNC qualifications in health and social care, NCL, in collaboration with UWS, will support you to elevate your skills and knowledge to new heights, preparing you for the dynamic challenges of the healthcare sector in Scotland and multiple career pathways for the future. 

*This degree is subject to approval


To gain entry to this degree programme, you should have successfully achieved a qualification in HNC Social Services or HNC Healthcare Practice.


This programme mirrors the increasingly intricate landscape within health and social care, providing you the opportunity to delve into the sector in response to shifting demographics and the integration of services. You will learn about the complex and complimentary relationship between health and social care series, and how they can work together to improve and deliver high-quality services to those most in need. The curriculum also acknowledges the transformation in services, both nationally and internationally, emphasising a move towards prevention, person-centred approaches, and the empowerment of individuals. 
At the core of this degree is the appreciation for the pivotal role that all professional carers play in service delivery. Nurturing students to take a value-based approach care in the community, this programme will help you develop transferrable, professional skills to meet the demands of the contemporary workforce.  So, regardless of your future destination within the dynamic and evolving health and/or social care sector, you will cultivate professional knowledge and confidence, empowering you to effectively enhance outcomes for a diverse range of service users. 

The BSc Collaborative Health and Social Care programme will provide students with a range of summative and assessment opportunities in a range of formats. This will include end of module examinations, essays, the creation of case studies, presentations and reports. In addition to an opportunity for you to demonstrate your subject knowledge and understanding, these assessments will also enable you to showcase and develop other core and metaskills, including communication, numeracy, adapting, initiative, collaborating and critical thinking.