NC Electrical Engineering Day Release - Year 1

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This course provides knowledge and skill necessary to access Electrical Apprenticeships at Electrical Fitter or Technician level. This innovative course contains all fundamental elements required for the establishment of foundation skills for the industry.

This course uses online ‘Blended Learning’, requiring access to the internet.


Applicants must be employed as a trainee and/or apprentice in a related industry at time of application. Employer references are required.

  • National 5, Standard Grade level 1 or 2, or Intermediate 2 Level (Units 1, 2 and 3) English, Mathematics and Physics.
  • All applicants will be subject to an interview and aptitude test.

The course includes:

  • Principles
  • Mathematics Technician 1 and 2
  • Communication 2
  • Transformation and Rectification
  • Combinational Logic
  • Electromagnetic
  • Testing
  • Networks
  • Single and 3 Phase systems
  • IT Applications
  • Engineering Project